Music: A life-long passion

Barry Performing

Like many of my friends that played music in the seventies, I too dropped out of the music scene for quite a few years….. There were a hell of a lot of thriving bands back in the day and in reality, the music never stopped……. Fortunately, through the encouragement of my own daughter, I started playing again, hooking up with old friends and making a ton of new ones in this ongoing process. Music is one of the gifts that we can all share whether listening or playing.

I rejoined my old band Tall In The Saddle just a few years back and also played guitar with The Billy Thomson Band, which got me on track with playing again….

Since then I have started several projects including The Ordeal, Vaguely Absurd, and The Flying Brotman Brothers. I can’t tell you how much enjoyment this has brought to my life and the list of people to thank is actually too long to begin. I am still in the process of finishing my current recordings based on tunes I wrote in the seventies……so, please come out and support one of our local projects……..we are available for just about everything and anything including private parties……Look us up and come and enjoy the music ….